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I'm currently a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Geography and Geology Department, Edge Hill University. I research into the application of very high-resolution satellite remote sensing technology for monitoring savannah vegetation dynamics in southern Africa, with particular focus on grazing lawns. I love anything within the domain of earth observation and I'm a huge advocate for open source software, open science, open research. Check my cv for more details about me.


My research focuses on the application of remote sensing technology to investigate ecological processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Prior to starting my PhD, I spent time at the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing (University of Goettingen) dealing with issues related to how landscape heterogeneity influences remote sensing estimates of land cover attributes across different scales of observation in complex urban-rural landscapes, as well as monitoring of land cover and land use changes in the Zambia-Malawi Transfrontier Conservation Area. I am interested in remote sensing image processing, machine learning, landscape ecology, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem modelling and global environmental change monitoring. See my recent publications below.


Welcome to my blog. Here, I share tutorials on image processing using open source software and posts on topics that interest me in the context of my research. Enjoy reading.

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